Plant stress biology surveillance and experimental design

Starting date: Nov. 6th – 10th, 2023

Registration deadline: May 31st, 2023.

Location: Tromsø


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Students should register to this course through here +UiT.

Course leader

Practical info

This course will be on site in Tromsø.The responsible institution is UiT. To be admitted to the course you must register both here and at UiT. UiTs local course code is BIO-8033 (link to UiTs course page). This course will also be given as a master course.

Important! Registration is binding! Do not register for a course unless you are sure that you can attend.

Course participants that are Photosyntech members must register both ways:

  1. Register to Photosyntech using the form at the bottom of this page.
  2. Course participants must register at UiT:
    • UiT students must register through studentweb, deadline May 31st.
    • Non-UiT students must request guest status from UiT. Instructions can be found here. Deadline May 31st.

Course content

The course covers introduction to various imaging methods in greenhouse and field conditions. It includes both theory and hands-on training in addition to seminars and home essays. The lectures will provide background information on biological imaging, examples of practical research cases, and the basics of the handling of the image data. The practical course will contain setting up the experiment, imaging of stress treated and the control plants and exercising on the handling of the research data.

Lectures:  10 h

Practical labs of imaging and computing: 24 h

Seminars: 6 h

In addition, work on own time:

  1. Writing report of the practical work including data analysis.
  2. Plan your own plant phenotyping trial: seminar presentation and home essay

Planning considerations must include

* Plant species and growth stages of interest.

* Morphologies of interest

* Vegetative indices of interest

* Weather/climate, time of the day for flights  (if outside/ field experiment)

* Light conditions

* Backup plans

* Any proximal imaging for quality control

* Plan for data analysis

* How to present data for chosen audience (peer reviewed paper; plant breeder;

   fellow students)

Teachers: Markku Keinänen (Professor II position at AMB/UiT), Grzegorz Konert (AMB/UiT) and Sahameh Shafiee (NMBU).

Learning outcome


After completing the course students will be able to understand the principles of the biological imaging and plant phenotyping as well as the different methods that are currently available. This includes the theory of the imaging methods and practical examples of the cases the methods can be used.


After the course the students will master the basic skills in setting up experiment for plant phenotyping and imaging, using the Planteye 3D scanner and hyperspectral camera, and have experience on handling the data of biological imaging.

General competence

Understanding the possibilities of different biological imaging methods in the research and in the practical approaches.

The students will learn the basics of the plant phenotyping and biological imaging.

Course dates

November 6th – 10th, 2023

Admission deadline

May 31st

Admission requirements

To apply for this course you must be a PhD candidate at one of the Norwegian institutions. If you are not a student at UiT you must apply for status as a guest student before June 1st, 2023. Instructions can be found here

The course will be arranged with a minimum number of students:6. Maximum participants: 20.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available, applicants will be ranked in this order: 1. Photosyntech PhD candidate members 2. UiT PhD candidates. 3. Other.




Deadline for the essays 15th January 2024, evaluation by the end of January.

Assessment: passed/not passed.