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Photosyntech connects and unites the scientific community within plant and algae related research across Norway. We stimulate collaboration within the community and with industries. We will also stimulate transferable skills needed after the PhD, and for collaboration with companies.

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Photosyntech is for PhD students, check out our activities and courses

We offer courses, webinars with relevant industries, workshops, grants for traveling to courses and internships, and a network with other PhDs, established scientists and companies.


Join our international community of PhD student members living, and working all over Norway. PhD student members can receive financial support to expand skills, knowledge, and professional network in Norway.

Connecting companies and students

We want our students to produce knowledge and solutions that is relevant for your company. We are seeking contact with companies, associations, and public organs that work with plants, algae, their products, or technologies for their analysis.


UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Nord University
University of Oslo
University of Bergen
University of Stavanger
Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
Norwegian institute of Bioeconomy Research