Connecting companies and students

We are seeking contact with companies, associations, and public organs that work with plants, algae, their products, or technologies for their analysis.

Did you know that our students can be useful to your company?

We want our students to produce knowledge and solutions that is relevant for your company. To do this we need to know what you do, how you do it, and what challenges you are facing. Maybe our PhD students will be a part of the future solution for your challenges?

If we know what current and future issues companies are facing, we can ensure that PhD candidates will be trained accordingly.

Our students are interested in close interactions with companies and the public sector to get insights into industry relevant topics and perspectives through seminars, webinars, joint activities, and internships.

Why contact us?

While founding partners of Photosyntech have formal obligations towards the network, an informal association with our network holds no obligations, only possibilities.

Associated companies can contribute by
  • Presenting the company with it’s successes and challenges in webinars.
  • Participating in workshops with our students and other companies.
  • Host our students in internships, either as part of your daily operations, or with with collaboration projects to solve challenges.
  • Give introductions in courses about your company, successes and challenges, how research and scientists can help in solving current and future problems, etc.

Get in touch

If you want to take part of our network or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

These are currently a part of the Photosyntech network

Partner companies and clusters

Finnfjord AS is one of world’s most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly producer of ferrosilicon. They work hard to become the first ferrosilicon producer in the world without any CO2-emissions!

Graminor develops new plant varieties for the agricultural and horticultural industry in Norway and the Nordic countries.

Biotech North  is a cluster organization which serves the biotechnology and biomarine sectors in the entire northern portion of the country.

TEAL is a driving force in innovation, business development and knowledge sharing at the intersection of the blue and green sectors.

Associated companies and clusters

Tromspotet AS produces and supplies northern Norwegian potatoes and vegetables through its own brand Midnattsolpotet.

ArcticZymes AS is a biotech company that discovers and produce novel enzymes with performance that no other supplier has.

Art Nor produce the ready to eat dinners and side dishes from Northern Norwegian produce with the brand Kokt&Klar.

BOTanist is developing innovative sensor technology for precision agriculture, aimed at reducing emissions, cutting costs, and increasing crop yields.

Kelpinor is a climate action company cultivating seaweed at large scale for food, agriculture and materials.

FjordAlg has developed a product for natural pigmentation of salmon (from microalgae) that is under testing and upscaling.

Polar Algae produces seaweed products based on sustainably harvested Ascophyllum Nodosum, providing the highest quality of products for growth, nutrition, cosmetics and human health.