Webinar April 13th: Using biotech to accelerate breeding and development of crops

Managing director Dr. Jon Falk from Saaten-Union Biotec GmbH will present an introduction to the biotechnology used at SU Biotec to speed up the development of high-yielding crops with new breeding techniques, improved photosynthesis, and AI applications.

SU Biotec involves 8 plant breeding company members, with two main premises located in Germany. Their main goal is bridging basic with applied research, so they are in constant contact with private and public research centers to take part in R&D projects and transfer the results to practical plant breeding. They utilize technologies like flow cytometry, tissue cultures, and molecular markers to assist the selection process of ideal plant traits. Better crop plants are vital for healthy and safe food, and breeding better crop plants depends on scientific progress. 

You will be able to ask questions after the presentation. You can read more about SU Biotec’s work here: https://www.saaten-union-biotec.com/ 

Our UiT ambassador Corine Faehn is the is the moderator of this webinar.

Thursday April 13th 14:00-15:00

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