Workshop March 13th: Visual science communication

Photosyntech is happy to invite our PhD members to a 1-day science visualisation workshop on Communicating science visually – the power of visualisation and how to implement practices of design with Meike Latz.

This workshop consists of lectures and short practical exercises on how to create scientific visualisations that clearly communicate your message. We will learn about concepts from cognitive psychology and visual perception that explain what makes a visualisation effective, draw from Graphic Design knowledge on layout, colour and typography, define the steps in the design process of a visualisation that you will directly apply in small exercises, discuss common visual formats used in science communication (eg posters, graphical abstracts), and compare software options for creating your visualisations. 

The afternoon part of the workshop will be an introduction to Adobe Illustrator and how to use it for creating illustrations, prettify data visualisations and compose figures for publication. Afterwards, workshop participants will work on their own and create their first simple illustrations under the guidance and with help of the workshop leader.

  • Date: 13th March
  • Duration: one day
  • Max. number participant: 20
  • Type of activity : 1 day workshop
  • Location: online
  • Instructor: Maike Latz

Registration deadline is closed. Participants will get a meeting call as confirmation with log-in information.