Join an international community of PhD candidates across Norway conducting research on, or related to, photosynthetic eukaryotes. 

Our members have a wide range of research interests within plant and algae biology, bioproduction, and biotechnology. 

Why become a member?

A wide range of courses all over Norway

The academic community researching photosynthetic eukaryotes in Norway is widespread and small at each university. By becoming a member, you join a network with a wide range of courses to choose from. We host 15 different courses for our PhD student members all over Norway.

Networking, seminars, and social events

You get to build your own network with other PhD candidates and scientists at other institutions, clusters, and companies within your field. We also help to expand your network through seminars and social events.

Activity and internship grants

If you are an active PhD student member you get 10 000 NOK each year you are active. This should be used to cover your costs of traveling to Photosyntech courses and workshops. If you want to do an internship in a relevant company or organization we can cover your travel and accommodations.

PhD member qualifications

  • PhD candidates must be admitted to a PhD program at one of the Norwegian universities.
  • PhD candidates must get a letter from their supervisor supporting their membership in the school.
  • PhD candidates research fields should have ties to photosynthetic eukaryotes in some way, from molecules to business.

PhD member obligations

  • Your activity in the school is up to you.
  • To receive grants, you must be an active member.
  • An active member is a PhD candidate that is an ambassador, takes courses, does internships, actively participates in webinars, helps organize seminars or social events or helps produce content for social media and/or the webpage in the current year.
  • We also welcome members that intend to be active later on.