Photosynthesis (Structure, Function, Development)

Running date: Nov. 13th – 17th, 2023

Registration deadline: Oct. 13th, 2023

Location: Stavanger


Students should register to this course through the course responsible. Registration is open.

Course leader

Practical info

This course will be on site in Stavanger (Richard-Johnsensgate 4, 4021 Stavanger; lecture rooms and laboratories in building 8).The responsible institution is UiS.

To apply for the course, do as follows:

  1. Please register directly per e-mail at and include the information requested in this form.
  2. In case you lack a Norwegian ID, please indicate this in your e-mail.
  3. In case of any questions regarding Ph.D. admission at UiS please contact

Important! Registration is binding! Do not register for a course unless you are sure that you can attend.

Course content

Wild-type plants are compared with mutants from Arabidopsis thaliana L. deficient in key photosynthetic regulatory protein subunits. Analysis of the leaf structure by microscopy is followed by phenotypic photosynthetic parameters. Characterization uses pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) and spectrometry, leaf and chloroplast gas exchange measurements using polarimetry, membrane inlet mass, and infrared spectrometry. Photosynthetic protein complexes are quantified spectroscopically, and the complexes are isolated from the chloroplast compartments by chromatography and electrophoresis. The complex size and composition are determined using dynamic light scattering, chromatography, and components are identified using mass spectrometry. Data are organized and modeled to show how mutations in the photosynthetic protein complexes may affect photosynthetic performance. 

Photosynthesis literature, all study material, and practical information are sent out one month before the course. The study and understanding of the key concepts must be completed before arrival at the laboratory. The content is presented and discussed during the course.  

Learning outcome

  • Know the functional components for plant photosynthesis
  • Can define and set up experiments for the determination of plant photosynthesis  record and interpret photosynthetic reactions in a plant leaf and chloroplasts 
  • Can isolate and fractionate chloroplasts into stroma and thylakoid and envelope membranes 
  • Can isolate and identify the photosynthesis-specific complexes and  apply all appropriate techniques document laboratory operations, methods, results 
  • Can report the experimental results and prepare analysis for publication 

Course dates

November 13th – 17th, 2023.

Admission deadline


Admission requirements

To apply for this course you must be a PhD candidate at one of the Norwegian institutions. To apply for the course send an e-mail to Lutz Eichacker.

The course will be arranged with a maximum participants: 10.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available, applicants will be ranked in this order: 1. Photosyntech PhD candidate members 2. UiS PhD candidates. 3. Other.




3 laboratory work + 1 laboratory report certificate is pass/fail on laboratory documentation