Bioenergy production from photosynthetic organisms

Starting date:2025 in Trondheim + an earlier digital kick-off

Registration deadline: Feb. 1st, 2025

Location: Digital kick-off (TBD) and one week onsite in Trondheim


Students should apply to this course through NTNU here (course code BI 8091).

Course leader

Practical info

The course will take place at NTNU in Trondheim 2025. NTNU will be the responsible institution and the course code will be BI 8091. Registration is not open, the deadline for registering is February 1st, 2025.

Important! Do not apply for a course unless you are sure that you can attend.

Apply through NTNU, the host university, as instructed here.

Course content

The course will introduce the scientific background of and concepts relevant for production of energy from photosynthetic organisms. Special attention will be given for plant cell walls as major biomass source for bioenergy. Relevant scientific concepts taught will include photosynthetic processes and carbohydrate metabolism responsible for translation of light into chemical energy; formation and maintenance of plant cell walls (giving rise to the ligno-cellulosic biomass forming the starting material for bioenergy production); methods to analyze composition and structure of plant cell walls; industrial/biotechnological/enzymatic processing of biomass; optimization of bioenergy production; ecological impact of plant-derived bioenergy production.

The course will consist of two components, the first will be an online introductory meeting and preparatory work by attendees beforehand, and the second one is an in-person event at NTNU in Trondheim (3-4 days). Preparatory work involves reading of relevant literature and preparing seminar presentation before the in-person event in Trondheim. During the period in Trondheim, lectures and guided discussions on the lecture topics will be combined by lab demos as well as presentations given by attendees on the pre-given topics followed by essays written (exam) after the in-person meeting.

Learning outcome

After successful completion of the course students will have an overview of concepts relevant for and the current state of the art in the area of bioenergy production from photosynthetic organisms. Participants will also be familiar with basic concepts of photosynthesis, carbohydrate and cell wall metabolism underlying energy production from photosynthetic organisms. Further, students have an understanding of technologies used to process ligno-cellulosic biomass as well as environmental impact, opportunities and challenges associated with green energy production.

Course dates

Digital kick-off: TBD

Course run in Trondheim: TBD, 2025

Admission deadline

Register at NTNU. Deadline is the 1st of February 2025. It is not possible to register before October 1st.

Admission requirements

To apply for this course you must be a PhD candidate at one of the Norwegian institutions. The course is intended for PhD students with basic knowledge in relevant fields of plant breeding, biology and environmental sciences. Students with plant phenotyping and vegetation mapping related research in their PhD project will get priority. 

The course will be arranged with a minimum number of 5 students. Maximum participants: 10.




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