You can now apply for the 2024 Photosyntech internship grant

Photosyntech encourages its student members to do an internship/work-placement during their PhD journey. We especially encourage PhD candidates in the second half of their PhD journey to apply, but all applicants are welcome.

The internship could be in a company or public organization, must have the primary aim to support your career development and/or is expected to improve knowledge/skills transfer between university and society. It can involve shadowing someone to learn more about the company, doing a project for the company or to acquire expertise/skills.


  • You must be a Photosyntech PhD member to apply for this grant (associate members cannot receive grants).
  • The minimum length of the internship can be 1 week.
  • The maximum length of the internship can be 3 months.
  • The grant can be used to cover travel and accommodations.
  • The grant cannot be used to cover food expenses or salary coverage.
  • The maximum amount that can be applied for is 30.000 NOK. Final funding sum can be adjusted dependent on number of applications and appropriateness of the budget.

How to apply

The application must include (maximum 3 pages including budget);

  • The amount you are applying for.
  • Where you will do your internship (include a contact person)
  • Short description of the internship plans
  • How the internship will benefit you
  • Length of internship
  • Itemized budget

Submit the application by email to stating “Internship application” in the topic line.

Assessment criteria

The applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • How the internship will promote your career development.
  • How the internship will be aligned with Photosyntechs mission; to enable PhD candidates to get an education that is tailored in the best possible way to their topics they burn for as well as to the needs of society, and to give them broader and more relevant career perspectives.
  • Appropriateness of budget.


This is an open call until further notice, so you can send your application at any time but no less than 2 months ahead of the planned internship. Applications will be considered by the leader group of Photosyntech continuously. Response will be given within 1 month of complete application submission.

Report after internships

Recipients of the internship grant must deliver a short report (2 pages) after concluding the internship with pictures and/or videos that can be used on Photosyntechs Instagram and or the website. Therefore, no confidential information must be included in the report.