Past activities


August 2022 Kick-off meeting in Trondheim

October 2022 Online Lecture “The Swedish Algae Factory”

December 2022 Webinar with Finnfjord on using algae to clean factory fumes and produce salmon feed


February 2023 Webinar Is algae the future for sustainable fuels and chemicals?

February 2023 Course Modelling in Systems Biology I – Metabolic pathway modelling

April 2023 Webinar Using biotech to accelerate breeding and development of crops

June 2023 Course High throughput field phenotyping and vegetation mapping

September 2023 Two day industry and business visits in Troms

September 2023 12th SPPS PhD conference

September 2023 Outreach during Forskningsdagene by UiT, NTNU and Nord members

September 2023 – November 2023 Course Circular Economy Business Models 

October 2023 Webinar with the startup company BOTanist on precision plant care using novel sensor systems

November 2023 Course Plant stress biology surveillance and experimental design

November 2023 Course Photosynthesis (Structure, Function, Development)

November 2023 Webinar with Kelpinor on future projects with collaboration possibilities

December 2023 Webinar with Polar Algae on producing value added products from macroalgae

January 2024 Webinar “How to start your own business” with the Brønnøysund register

January 2024 Annual meeting in Forum for Research School Administrators in Oslo

February 2024 Webinar with Avidnote “How can we effectively use AI for research?”

March 2024 Online workshop “Visual science communication” with Meike Latz

March 2024 ”Crop field and algae phenotyping” workshop in Oslo

March 2024 Norwegian Plant Biology 2024 conference in Oslo