Course plan 2023-2030


April 15. – 19. in Trondheim with an earlier online kick-off. Bioenergy production from photosynthetic organisms, 5ECTS.

August/September in Bodø and Online. Epigenetics for developmental and metabolic regulation in plants and algae, 5 ECTS.

Autumn in Steinkjer and Online. Innovation Spotlights in the Bioeconomy, 5 ECTS.


February 20.-24. in Tromsø. Modelling in Systems Biology I – Metabolic pathway modelling, 5 ECTS.

Not running: April 24. – 28. at Hamar. Legal frameworks for research and innovation with plant genetic resources, 3 ECTS.

June 12.-16. at Ås. High throughput field phenotyping and vegetation mapping, 5 ECTS.

September 9. – November 15., Digital and 3 days at Steinkjer. Circular Economy Business Models, 5 ECTS.

November 6.-10. in Tromsø. Plant stress biology surveillance and experimental design, 3 ECTS.

November 13.-17. in Stavanger. Photosynthesis (Structure, Function, Development), 4 ECTS.

Planned courses

The table below is the planned courses in Photosyntech as in the project decription. Changes can be made to the plan, e.g. popular courses could be run more frequently, titles might change, and the years are tentative.

Tentative course titleResponsible institutionYears
Plant Production Systems and Molecular FarmingNibio2024, 2028
Modern Genetics: Molecular marker mapping, genome editingUiO, NMBU, NORD and Graminor2025, 2029
Bioenergy production from photosynthetic organismsNTNU and UiT2023, 2027

Bioproduction and properties of photosynthetic eukaryotes
Tentative course titleResponsible institutionYears
Bioreactor technology of plants and algaeUiT and Nord2025, 2029
Epigenetics for developmental and metabolic regulationNord and UiO2024, 2028
Photosynthesis (Structure, Function, Development)UiS2023, 2027
Secondary metabolites and bioactive compoundsUiT2026, 2030

Climate, environment and sustainable resources
Tentative course titleResponsible institutionYears
Stress Biology surveillance and designUiT and NMBU2023, 2026
Impacts of agriculture on the environmentNTNU, NINA, NMBU and INN2024, 2028
Vegetation mapping and field phenotypingNMBU2023, 2027
Biodiversity assessment and species diagnostics UiT2025, 2029

Transferable skills with working-life relevance
Tentative course titleResponsible institutionYears
Circular Economy Business ModelsNord2023, 2027
Innovation Spotlights in BioeconomyNord2024, 2028
Entrepreneurship in BiotechnologyNMBU2025, 2029
Legal frameworks for Research and innovation with plant genetic resourcesINN2023,2026